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03/10/-06/10/2019: Fly fast and enjoy slow "Fly n wine" in St Emilion and Bordeaux

fully booked

3 nights 4 days in worlds most famous wine region including very nice chateau accommodation, breakfast, all transfers, 2 chateau diners, famous wine tasting, guided tour around and under (!) St Emilion 624€ pP in double room.


Past Flyouts


Rating/ Qualification de Site St Tropez LFTZ 21/06-23/06/2019

Push your flying skills! Enjoy a relaxed weekend together with other fastflying crews. Land in one of the largest  wine fields LFTF (just west of LFTZ) and enjoy crispy rosés and cheap AVGAS prices. 

A very experienced local instructor (english speaking!) is guiding us routinely through the difficulties at world famous airport of St. Tropez / la Môle. Receive the qualification for the worlds most glamorous landing spot, while your accompanying can achieve some emergency flying skills in a pinch hitter cours. 

Enjoy nice hotel views, Côte d’Azur lunches with hop in Mediterranean waters.

 2 nights, breakfasts, diners, transfers, Instructor, rating on own plane

Château Champagne 17/5-19/5/2019    fully booked

fastflying planes meet old school helicopters on a fairytale chateau in an unbelievable setting.
Fly into one of Europe's longest runway LFOK and get shuttled by helicopter right in front of our chateau. Enjoy fantastic rooms and bathtub views in the park.
Take a stroll in the green, row on chateau surrounding waters or dive into the heated outside pool.
Diners are served on the huge dining table in that remarkable chateau dining hall. Enjoy champagnertastings and scenic heliflights and good chats with other pilots while enjoying a nice glass of wine or whiskey.

2 nights chateau accommodation, breakfast, dinner, softdrinks, wine, welcome party, 

Portugal: 29/03/-07/04/2019

fully booked

We got extremely positive response on our Portugal Flyout 2018, so we organized it again! 5 fantastic destination with extraordinary accommodations are waiting for us to celebrate the kick-off-flying-season. Start the summer earlier and do it in style! Due to exclusivity we only have limited space, so book this never forget experience soon!10 days exclusive accommodation, breakfast, all transfers, 5 x 3 cours diners, on-site Organization, intensive pre- and debriefing

Flyout "early bird xmas market" 30th Nov - 2nd Dez 18                        

Be the first on one of the nicest Christmas Markets in Germany. EDFR will form the last flyout in 2018 and offers a big jug of hot wine and to raise a cup to a hopefully exciting 2019 full of unique flying impressions!



Flyout "Bella Italia!" 13th oct - 17th oct 18

So you know the saying: La dolce vita is in Northern Italy? Let’s fast fly it! It is truffles season! The city of Alba and one of Italys nicest hotels will be our kick off in Bella Italia.

Venezia Lido LIPV, the second oldest and very stylish airfield and without doubt one of the most spectacular approaches in Europe is a lifetime highlight. You might have seen all the palazzos, but have you ever stayed there on a luxury boat?                        

What would be Italy without Rome? Another impressive approach into LIRU and only a 15 min cab ride to the spanish steps. Of course everybody has been to Rome, but maybe without seeing the pope. No joke: 20 fastflyers will have an audience with vaticans pontifex!  


Flyout "Fly´n Sail" 30iest Aug - 2nd September 18

fully booked!
                         Our next happening will take place the in air, on land as well as in caribbean crystal clear mediterranean waters. Cannes LFMD is the famous destination on the even more famous cote d Azur, where we are going to enjoy life. 

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Flyout "Monte y Mare" 27th of July - 31iest of July 18 

The international Jazz Festival `les enfants du Jazz`takes place in Barcelonette LFMR (no mountain qualification necessary!) and very famous artists like Selah Sue, Keziah Jones, etc. are on stage. For more information click here:

Next stop île de la beauté, where we land in Calvi LFKC. Welcome to the island of Corsica!
Dinner is planned in - of course - a very specialpl ace close to the airport, but check for yourself:

You are waiting for some Italy?
Here you go: Lucca LIQL will be our last touchdown and the culinary highlight of the italian cuisine!

688 € p.P. incl. all nights in stylish 3 and 4* Hotels, all transfers and jazz festival tickets.
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